A Horse Named Luna Is Encouraging Rural Kids to Read

An Indonesian man and his favorite horse deliver books to children every week.
Oct 27, 2015·
Adriana Zyskowski is the editor of TakePart World.

A man and a horse named Luna are encouraging rural kids in Indonesia to read.

Earlier this year, Ridwan Sururi, 42, who takes care of horses for a living, built a wooden box to place on Luna’s back and loaded it with children’s books. He calls the project Kudapustaka, which means “horse library” in Indonesian.

"I love horses, and I want this hobby to bring benefit to people," Sururi told BBC News.

Sururi takes his horse library through the Purbalingga region of central Java three days a week, delivering books to children at schools where many educational resources are limited. All of the books are donated, and he doesn’t charge a fee for borrowing.

“I am very delighted with this horse library because it helps me gain knowledge and helps me with my schoolwork,” said Febriyan, a boy from one of the benefiting schools, according to Reuters.

Sururi, accompanied by his daughter Indriani, and Luna the horse walk to Miftahul Huda Islamic Elementary School. (Photo: Putu Sayoga/Getty Images)

Indonesia has made great progress in reducing illiteracy rates: According to UNESCO, 15.4 million people were illiterate in 2004, dropping to 6.7 million in 2011. But Java has the second-highest illiteracy rate in the country; nearly 1 million people cannot read in the region where Sururi and Luna ride.

"The purpose of this library is to encourage reading,” Sururi told Reuters. “The reason why I used the horse is because, in my opinion, the horse attracts children."

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Sururi visits nearby schools to offer books for the children. (Photo: Putu Sayoga/Getty Images)