One Secret, Many Lives

This video series sheds light on several of the issues—from food insecurity to student debt—highlighted in the show 'Secret Lives of Americans'
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    'There's So Much Shame': Why We Need to Talk About Veteran Mental Health
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    Food Insecurity Is More Common Than You Think
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    'It's Everyone's Economy': Why the Student Debt Crisis Affects Us All
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    Undocumented and Unafraid: Young Immigrants in the U.S.?
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Jul 4, 2015·
TakePart Staff

Secret Lives of Americans follows the stories of ten people living with and haunted by a secret. But they’re not alone; many people are overwhelmed and afraid of the social stigma that their secrets carry. Issues — such as those surrounding student debt, food insecurity, immigration, and mental health — lead many to secrecy.

But what are the bigger issues behind those secrets? The digital docuseries One Secret, Many Lives takes a deep dive into the issues to reveal why these problems exist and what can be done to change them. No one should feel forced into hiding. Watch the videos to learn more about these issues and how you can take action.