4 Reasons Investing in Girls and Women Can Help End Global Poverty

TakePart World producer Alex Stapleton travels to East Africa to see how everyday people are empowering women everywhere.
Jun 26, 2015·
Celeste Hoang is the Film & TV Integration Editor for TakePart.

Who run the world?

Make that girls and women. Empowering them is a win for everyone, and investing in their health, education, and economic opportunities lays the foundation for breaking the cycle of poverty in developing countries. Still, more than 31 million girls around the world are denied an education, 300,000 preventable maternal deaths take place every year, and 222 million women have no access to contraception, according to Global Citizen.

But communities are beginning to recognize the value of women, and many local leaders are stepping in to take action. TakePart World producer Alex Stapleton traveled to East Africa to meet with inspiring individuals and learn about four initiatives under way right now that are reshaping the roles of women everywhere.

From a local nonprofit helping to secure land rights for women—80 percent of women in Rwanda don’t know they have the legal right to own land—to a No Sex for Fish project that empowers women to run their own fishing businesses instead of trading sex for food, everyday people around the world are finding ways to lift women up. Supporting maternal health and getting men involved in conversations about family planning is also key to ensuring that babies coming into this world will have the best possible shot at life.

TakePart is partnering with Global Citizen to spread the word about the importance of girls and women. Learn more about this issue and find your own way to support women by signing up to become a Global Citizen here.