Graphic Video Shows Officer Shooting a Fleeing Man in the Back

These terrifying images don't support the story the South Carolina officer later told about the shooting.
Apr 7, 2015·
Rebecca McCray is a staff writer covering social justice. She is based in New York.

A South Carolina police officer claimed he feared for his life during an alleged scuffle over his Taser with 50-year-old Walter Scott—but a bystander’s video tells a different story.

The video provided to The New York Times shows Scott running from Officer Michael Slager, who doesn't shout any warning before opening fire. Eight gunshots are heard before we see Scott fall to the ground. Slager then walks toward his lifeless body and appears to drop the Taser next to it.

The video resulted in murder charges for Slager, who is now sitting in jail in North Charleston.

Scott was initially pulled over for a broken taillight.