Watch a Mother Elephant’s Epic Effort to Rescue Her Baby

The Asian elephant spent 11 hours trying to dig her baby out of a water well in India.
Apr 2, 2015·
Taylor Hill is an associate editor at TakePart covering environment and wildlife.

The footage is hard to watch, but it shows the devotion an elephant mother can have for her child. This one spent more than 11 hours attempting to rescue her baby from a well in India.

According to villagers in the nearby Chatra district, the baby fell into a shallow well, and the mother immediately got to work trying to dig her out. From 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. the next morning, she frantically attempted to pull her baby to safety. But the harder she tried, the worse the situation got—more dirt kept piling on top of the calf.

The calf was nearly smothered when villagers came to the elephant’s rescue, luring her away with a truck full of bananas while others moved in to remove the dirt on top of the baby.

“The plan worked, and we used the time remove the heap of sand deposited near the well that was making it difficult for her to rescue the baby,” Jitendra Tiwari, who filmed the ordeal and helped with the rescue, told the Daily Mail.

With the dirt out of the way, the mother was able to wrap her trunk around her baby and pull it to safety.

The end of the video shows photos of the two reunited after the harrowing experience.