'Jackass' Star Steve-O Fined for Spelling Out 'SeaWorld Sucks' on Freeway Sign

Prankster and animal rights activist used the stunt to raise awareness of captive marine mammals.
Dec 2, 2014·
Taylor Hill is an associate editor at TakePart covering environment and wildlife.

Jackass star Stephen "Steve-O" Glover posted a video showing his prankster handiwork in San Diego in May, when he climbed a freeway sign along the city’s stretch of Interstate 5.

Instead of his usual “stunt for the hell of it” routine, the animal rights activist used the prank to send a message. Glover changed the sign for the exit to SeaWorld Drive by taping the word “Sucks” over “Drive” for all going south on I-5 to see.

On top of the bumps and bruises he received from scaling the sign, Glover will be paying monetarily for his prank—the San Diego city attorney’s office slapped the slapstick comedian with a $239 traffic citation on Monday.

“If doing that was wrong, I don’t want to be right,” Glover says in his video post. “Screw you, SeaWorld.”

California Highway Patrol officers originally cited Glover in September for vandalism and trespassing, saying the tape removed the reflective material on the freeway sign. The charge was later downgraded to an infraction.

“It is an infraction because distractions such as this can cause accidents, just like running a stop sign,” Gerry Braun, director of communications at the city attorney’s office said in a statement. “It was not a smart thing to do to place drivers and their passengers in harm’s way.”

A supporter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Glover has been using the prank to raise awareness of SeaWorld’s treatment of captive orcas and dolphins, posting with the hashtag #SeaWorldSucks on Instagram and Facebook.

PETA filed a complaint against SeaWorld San Diego in October, arguing the conditions at the marine park should be classified as animal abuse.

Now PETA is stepping up to pay Steve-O’s bill. Moira Colley, PETA’s celebrity media officer, said in an email that the group contacted Glover on Dec. 2 “to make good on our promise to pay his reported $239 fine, and he has now accepted our offer to cover the cost of his citation as soon as he receives it.”

"PETA hopes that Steve-O's envelope-pushing stunt will inspire kind people around the world to speak out against SeaWorld's cruel orca prisons every chance that they get,” Lisa Lange, PETA’s senior vice president, said in an email.

So far, no similar or 'copy cat' incidents have been reported, Braun said.