Three Genius Gadgets Improving Lives in Poor Countries

TakePart World producer Alex Stapleton gives the 'TPL' hosts a show-and-tell of affordable products that make a big difference.
Nov 20, 2014·
Samantha Cowan is an associate editor for culture.

Basic needs such as clean water, transportation, and electricity are not readily available to many people living in developing countries.

Clean drinking water isn't as simple as turning on the kitchen faucet. Many are forced to travel miles for water each day, lugging the necessity to their homes. Pack H20 makes it much easier to carry up to five gallons of drinking water by taking it out of buckets and putting it in a backpack.

Infrastructure is a major problem in developing countries, which have fewer roads and vehicles. The Zambulance works in place of a traditional ambulance. Instead of carrying a sick person to the hospital in a wheelbarrow, this covered stretcher can be attached to a bike for a faster trek to medical help.

Readyset is a solar-powered smart battery used to charge mobile devices. The device is a bit expensive but can be purchased on layaway. The owner of this product can turn it into a business and charge neighbors to charge their phones.

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