Supreme Court's Boys' Club Gets Raided by Lady Justices in Hilarious Video

Funny or Die's video reminds us that sometimes the highest court in the land might as well be a boys-only fort.
Jul 25, 2014·
Isabel Weisz is an editorial intern for summer 2014. She is an environmental analysis & policy major at Pitzer College and is originally from Santa Cruz, Calif.

Girls have cooties! That's not just what your brother told you back when you were five—it’s also the general sentiment in Funny or Die’s new video spoof of sexism in the U.S. Supreme Court.

The video shows the male justices hiding out, playing games, and excluding the women justices, saying things like “The world is our fort! I love being a man. It's the best. It's so easy.” The Supreme Court has been referred to as an “old boys' club,” and this short reminds us how true this rings in its recent Hobby Lobby decision, which set limits on the types of contraception covered by employee health care.

Cooties or no cooties, as the faux Ruth Bader Ginsburg reminds us in the video, male justices continue to make voting decisions on women’s issues while all of the female judges disagree with them.

Recent data puts a new spin on this topic. A new study from Harvard University and the University of Rochester found that federal judges with daughters had more empathy with the female worldview. While lowering the ratio gap between men and women in the court may be the ultimate goal, increasing the understanding between genders is a large step in the right direction. A little compassion while making the nation’s most influential court decisions never hurt anyone, right?

The video ends with the men's response to the idea of equal pay: “No way, baby, no way.”

Considering that a woman still makes 77 cents for every dollar that goes to her male counterpart, this sentiment is way too real and problematic. Just as the female justices call out the men on their outlandish, sexist behavior in the video, identifying and fighting against such actions in real life is equally necessary.