TerraCycle Wants You to Recycle Across America

The TerraCycle team—featured on 'Human Resources'—wants you to recycle right.
Aug 7, 2014·
TakePart Staff

Inspired by the zany half-hour docu-comedy Human Resources and consistent with TerraCycle’s mission, we’ve joined forces with Recycle Across America to create Recycle Right, a campaign focused on transforming recycling and improving the economics and prevalence of sustainable packaging and manufacturing. Recycle Across America has identified a simple way to increase stagnating recycling levels in the U.S., in the form of standardized labels on recycling bins, which make it easy for people to recycle more and recycle right. To date, bins that feature the Recycle Across America standardized labels have increased recycling levels 50 percent to 100 percent. Order labels here.

Recycling is the No. 1 action we can take for the environment, the economy, and our future on this planet. If we recycle more and recycle right, more companies will be able to start using recycled materials in their manufacturing, rather than depleting limited natural resources. Recycling right creates jobs, saves water, energy, and money, and can improve our health and the well-being of all species.

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