Move Over, Ligers, a Sheep and a Goat Just Had a Baby

The two barnyard rebels hooked up, but is the offspring a 'shoat' or a 'geep'?
Apr 4, 2014·
Kristina Bravo is Assistant Editor at TakePart.

Move over, ligers and grolar bears: An adorable baby sheep-goat has been born in Ireland.

Two weeks ago, farmer and pub owner Paddy Murphy noticed something off among a litter of newborn lambs.

“I knew a goat had gotten in among a few of the hoggets, I didn’t know what would turn out,” Murphy told the Irish Farmers Journal. “He looks like a goat trapped in a lamb’s body, a geep I think it’s called!”

Though sheep and goats each belong to a different genus, these nonconformists weren’t the first to mix it up. In 2000, a female goat famously gave birth to a half sheep in Botswana. Its active libido sprouted the nickname “bemya,” or “the rapist.” The poor animal had to be castrated at 10 months old.

While Murphy’s sheep-goat is already growing a pair of horns, it hasn’t shown any unusual behavior. However, the farmer said that the woolly animal is fast and nimble “like a deer.”

“He’s perfectly healthy and thriving away,” Murphy told the paper. “He has been a great source of craic (entertainment) for the lads in the pub, we might even have a competition to name him.”