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Nearly three-quarters of the Earth’s surface is covered by water and Oceans boldly chronicles the mysteries that lie beneath. Directors Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud dive deep into the very waters that sustain all of mankind—exploring the harsh reality and the amazing creatures that live within. Featuring spectacular never-before-seen imagery captured by the latest underwater technologies, Oceans offers an unprecedented look beneath the sea in a powerful and enchanting motion picture.

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Keep the coast clear.

80% of pollution enters the ocean from the land. Ocean trash is a serious problem that affects the health of people, wildlife and local enonomies. The solution starts with you - on land.

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Rise above plastics.
Each year, 26 million pounds of plastic travel hundreds of miles from inland areas to our oceans, contributing to massive floating garbage patches, and killing one million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals.

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Choose sustainable, healthy seafood.
Due to unsustainable fishing practices and high consumer demand worldwide, 70% of the world's fisheries are threatened or endangered.

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Use ocean-friendly products in your garden and home.
32 million pounds of cleaning and garden products, often filled with toxins, are poured down drains daily - polluting local waterways and oceans.

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Scoop your dog's poop.
15 tons of harmful pet waste pollutes oceans everyday, traveling from storm drains, inland waterways and beaches.

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Oceans: The Threats to Our Seas & What You Can Do to Turn the Tide

More than 70% of the globe is covered by the ocean, and half the world's population lives within minutes of the coastline. Rich with resources and potential, our oceans have long been thought of as both infinite and indestructible. But they are not.

Overfishing, climate change, pollution, acidification, dead zones, and more have put the world's ocean and marine life at great risk. Increasingly, we face the real possibility of seas without edible fish; an acidic, plastic-filled ocean in which nothing can survive except jellyfish; rising sea levels and mass extinction of fish and mammals.  But if we take action now, this grim future can be avoided.

This unique anthology is a companion volume to the spectacular documentary Oceans, in which filmmakers Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud explore the splendor of the world’s seas, showcasing the strange and fascinating creatures that live in its depths. Inspired by the film, Oceans the book shows how we can change our lives to help keep the ocean both viable and healthy for centuries to come.

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Nearly three-quarters of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. Oceans dives into the mysteries of the deep to bring you never before seen imagery and give you an unprecedented look into the waters that are vital to our existence.

Beyond the beautiful imagery is the harsh realization that this environment is fragile and it is up to us to protect it for ourselves, and for future generations. TakePart.com is a hub of oceans information and activism designed to inform, inspire, and compel change. Whether you live next to the beach, on a lake or a river or thousands of miles from a body of water, things you every day impact our oceans. Here you can learn about the threats to our oceans, what you can do to protect them, and how to enlist your friends and family.