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The global water crisis will be the central issue facing our world this century. We can manage this problem, but only if we are willing to act now. Last Call at the Oasis is a powerful new documentary that shatters myths behind our most precious resource. This film exposes defects in the current system, shows communities already struggling with its ill-effects and highlights individuals championing revolutionary solutions during the global water crisis. Firmly establishing the global water crisis as the central issue facing our world this century, the film posits that we can manage this problem if we act now.

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Change The Course

Participant Media has teamed up with National Geographic and Bonneville Environmental Foundation to create CHANGE THE COURSE, an innovative freshwater restoration campaign designed to redefine how we value, use and manage freshwater. Check out the campaign page to learn how you can conserve water.  


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More Ways to Take Action

Here's how you can do your part to help manage the global water crisis. 

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Last Call at the Oasis, the Global Water Crisis and Where We Go From Here

Less than 1 percent of the world’s water is fresh and potable—and no more will ever be available. Thanks to pollution, global warming, and population growth, water access is poised to become today’s most explosive global issue. This book, based on the film Last Call at the Oasis by Academy Award®–winning director Jessica Yu, offers insights into the coming water crisis from visionary scientists, policymakers, activists, and environmentalists.

No resource on earth is more precious—or more endangered—than water. Last Call at the Oasis is a powerful tool for learning about the water challenges we face as well as the remarkable solutions available to us—if we have the will to use them.

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