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The Economics of Higher Education

As our nation’s future success relies heavily on the availability and affordability of higher education, will prospective students continue to be able to bear the exorbitant costs of college to create a country of educated individuals?

The Magnitude of Student Debt

This clock reports an estimate of current student loan debt outstanding including both federal and private student loans. To understand the relative impact of a number this big, see The True Size of Student Debt.

Outpacing Inflation

College costs have risen 1,120% since 1978, rapidly outpacing the rise in the cost of food or health care. 

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Outpacing Inflation

As the cost of college has risen, so have the number of student loans issued each year.

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How Well Does Your State Fund Higher Ed?

One root cause to the increase in college tuition is the reduction in government funding for higher education. To see how your state stacks up, check out the Student Impact state report cards, measuring how well each state supports its colleges and universities.

See the report card for your state