How to Help the Victims of the Paris Attacks

Here are a few causes working to aid those affected by Friday's tragedy.
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Nov 18, 2015· 1 MIN READ
TakePart editorial fellow Nicole Mormann covers a variety of topics, including social justice, entertainment, and environment.

Thousands of miles of ocean may separate us from Paris, but there are ways people here in the U.S can go the metaphorical distance to help those devastated by the terrorist attacks that killed 129 people on Friday.

With hundreds injured—over 200 of them hospitalized and 57 in intensive care—and thousands of families still reeling from the trauma of their losses, non-profit organizations, governments, and locals are working tirelessly together to provide aid to those in need of support, but they can’t do it alone.

Here’s how you can help those affected by the recent attacks.

Donating to the Red Cross

Over the weekend, thousands of people in Paris lent their support to those in critical condition by donating blood to centers set up by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent all around the city. Though the local government thanked donors for contributing in the wake of the devastation, they also insisted that 10,000 donations are needed every day on their site. Here’s the list of blood donation centers set up around the city if you’re planning on visiting sometime within the coming weeks or months. If not, here’s where you can donate to the cause.

Opening Homes to Stranded Parisians

The Twitter hashtag #StrandedInTheUS is being used by Americans offering up their homes to any Parisians unable to fly home at the moment. If you have an available room, this is one good way to help out those visiting in the states.

Donating to Friends of Fondation de France

This U.S.-based charity is accepting donations for the victims of the attacks. The organization is distributing the donations to those programs in France that are working to provide support for those affected. Click here to donate.

Opening homes in Paris

People in Paris or neighboring areas are using the hashtag #PorteOuverte to help those in need of shelter following the attacks. The hashtag blew up on Friday night, and spread across social media over the weekend and into this week. If you happen to have a place in Paris, you can help victims by notifying them of an available room through Twitter.

Donate or Volunteer With Local Organizations

The French nonprofit Secours Populaire is an organization dedicated to helping address poverty in the region, but they're also lending ground support to victims of the attacks. Another local organization working to help those affected is the Catholic relief organization called Secours Catholique-Caritas France. You can donate here and here.