This Bikini-Clad Model’s Jogging Pic Caused a Mom Meltdown

Bugaboo says models are just like us—moms disagree.

(Photo: Instagram)

Jul 28, 2015· 1 MIN READ
Ali Swenson is an editorial intern at TakePart. She is editor-in-chief of Loyola Marymount University’s news outlet, the Los Angeles Loyolan, and has worked in nonprofit media.

The typical mom is a fit, 23-year-old, five-foot-10 model who finds the time to go running with her toddler in a high-end stroller—all while wearing a bikini, right?

Wrong, according to hundreds of outraged and sarcastic comments on a new social media ad from luxury stroller retailer Bugaboo.

Dutch model Ymre Stiekema really is a new mom, and she’s pushing around her two-year-old daughter in the ad for the company’s new Bugaboo Runner. The new “it” stroller has a sticker price of $815—and that price tag isn’t the only aspirational thing about the ad.

The daughter of a marathoner, Stiekema extols her love for running in an interview that accompanies the ad, saying she’s waiting for an injury to heal before finding her next favorite running spot.

“I always loved running cross-country through the fields. Running is a great way to just empty your head and enjoy the scenery,” she says in the interview.

Stiekema’s awesomely healthy habits are detailed on her social media. But tongue-in-cheek responses to the stroller ad abounded.

“I also often jog in a bikini,” said the first commenter on the Facebook photo.

“I do too!! But I also need a half roll of duck tape for jiggle maintenance ;),” wrote another.

“I have 2 children and if was running in would be because I’d forgotten to put my clothes on because we’re late for school, my 5 year old had fallen off his scooter, my 2 year old refuses to put his shoes on and there’s a good chance I haven’t had the time to do my bikini line,” a third added. “There’s an image to leave you with.”

The reality checks and mocking comments from some moms drew responses from others who defended the ad and lauded the model for her fit physique.

“Really ladies? Are you that judgmental or jealous that you have to question what she is running in? Women should support each other not tear each other down…I would never get away with wearing that while I run, but great for her!” wrote one commenter.

The ad’s image of a post-baby body—an unrealistic one for many moms—has contributed to an important conversation about the way women are depicted in the media. Firm bodies portrayed on TV, in ads, and in magazines can be discouraging or frustrating for perfectly healthy moms whose bodies look different.

Also, ads often treat women’s bodies differently from men’s, outfitting ladies in more revealing attire that emphasizes model thinness. Bugaboo’s own ad is an example: While Stiekema is pictured in a tiny bikini, a male counterpart in another recent ad is fully clothed.

Bugaboo has not yet issued a statement responding to the messages and remarks and did not immediately respond to a request for comment.