Jon Stewart Skewers Chris Christie’s Support of Animal Cruelty for Political Gain

The ‘Daily Show’ host suspects the New Jersey governor’s veto of a bill outlawing inhumane pig crates is to gain favor in a state a thousand miles away.
Dec 2, 2014· 0 MIN READ
Samantha Cowan is an associate editor for culture.

You can’t put a piglet in rain boots and expect people not to squeal.

Comedian Jon Stewart implored viewers to stare down the adorable baby animal in red galoshes as he ripped into New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s veto of a law that would ban inhumane pig gestation crates.

“One of the interesting quirks about animals is that they like to move around,” Stewart noted on Monday night’s episode of The Daily Show.

The legislation that would have outlawed the crates—so small the animals cannot turn around in them—passed both houses by wide margins. Yet the governor squashed the bill.

Stewart points out that the veto has little to do with animal cruelty and a lot to do with Christie’s presidential pipe dream. A possible—although unlikely—presidential contender for the Republican Party, Christie is pandering to Iowa. The state may be more than a thousand miles away, but it’s home to the first presidential caucus and a whole lot of pigs.

Given that the chances of Christie receiving the presidential nomination are so very slim, Stewart considers the governor’s decision may also have something to do with his fear of pigs running amok. He recalls a recent incident in which a potbellied pig was booted from an airplane flight for disruptive behavior.

There must be a middle ground between pigs roaming free on planes and a minuscule cage. Stewart suggests a spacious and economical Ford Fiesta or maybe just a crate large enough for a pig to turn around in.