Here’s What Happens When You Feed Second Graders a $220 Meal

Six young New Yorkers get a taste of fine dining.
Oct 12, 2014· 0 MIN READ
Kristina Bravo is Assistant Editor at TakePart.

Some Brooklynites may be happy eating out of a Dumpster, but The New York Times thought these second graders deserved a fancier meal.

The newspaper treated six students from a Brooklyn public school to a $220 tasting meal at French restaurant Daniel. Five waiters served the kids seven courses, including smoked paprika-cured hamachi and crispy Japanese snapper. Some offerings, such as a nonalcoholic cocktail, were better received than others. (“This is, like, the only good course,” said one seven-year old.) Caviar didn’t do so well, but the Wagyu beef rib eye was a big hit.

The video, shot by Spellbound director Jeffrey Blitz, is an amusing culinary experiment. It also highlights the luxuries an increasing number of New Yorkers are becoming accustomed to. A report by research company Wealth Insight and wealth management advice website Spear’s found that one in 22 New Yorkers (or 4.63 percent of the city’s population) is now a millionaire. The metropolis has the fourth-biggest percentage of millionaires in the world, after Monaco (29.1 percent), Zurich (27.34 percent), and Geneva (17.92 percent).

Mayor Bill de Blasio took on a Herculean task when he promised to close the gap between the wealthy and the poor. As high-rises open their doors to the rich (there’s a separate door for residents who make less), the city’s fast-food workers are taking to the streets, demanding a salary of more than $8 an hour and benefits. These kids might have gotten a glimpse of their future in the city, but it’s one that’s difficult to attain.