The Daily Fix: Adrian Peterson Faces Second Child Abuse Accusation, U.S. to Fight Ebola, Philippine Volcano Erupting

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Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson leaves the field in Green Bay, Wis., on Jan. 5, 2013. (Photo: Tom Lynn/Reuters)
Sep 16, 2014· 2 MIN READ
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Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was cleared to play in Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints even though he has been charged with child abuse in Texas.

Peterson was accused of hitting his four-year-old son with a switch made from a tree branch, leaving welts and cuts on the boy’s skin.

Peterson’s lawyer says he’s just a strict parent and punishes his children the way he was disciplined as a child.

“Adrian is a loving father who used his judgment as a parent to discipline his son,” his lawyer, Rusty Hardin, said, according to The New York Times.

Peterson was “deactivated” and did not play in last Sunday’s game, but he’ll be on the field this week.

KHOU reported Monday an earlier accusation that Peterson hit another four-year-old son and left a scar on the boy’s forehead. The boy’s mother reported the incident to Child Protective Services. Peterson’s attorney said the case did not progress because the child hit his head on a car seat, and his injury was an accident. CPS did not comment on the investigation.

In light of these charges, the Radisson hotel chain announced in a statement that it is suspending sponsorship of the Minnesota Vikings.

In other news…

He Said What?! On Sunday, Russell Pearce resigned as the Arizona Republican Party’s first vice chairman after saying Medicaid recipients in Arizona should be sterilized. “You put me in charge of Medicaid, the first thing I’d do is get Norplant, birth-control implants, or tubal ligations,” Pearce said on a radio show Saturday. “If you want to [reproduce] or use drugs or alcohol, then get a job,” he continued. (via Talking Points Memo)

U.S. Military to West Africa: President Obama is expected to announce Tuesday that the Ebola outbreak will be overseen by the U.S. military. Obama will send 3,000 military personnel to West Africa. The United Nations Security Council will also meet Thursday to discuss the outbreak. (via The Washington Post)

About to Blow: A volcano in the Philippines is disgorging lava, and thousands have fled nearby villages. Mount Mayon is the most active volcano in the Philippines, and what authorities are calling a “hazardous eruption” could occur in the next few weeks. (via The Associated Press)

Top Cop in Rotherham Resigns: As the result of a report finding that 1,400 children in the South Yorkshire, England, town of Rotherham had been sexually assaulted between 1997 and 2013, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright has resigned. Roger Stone, leader of Rotherham Council, has also left the government because of the report. (via Sky News)

Taliban Suicide Bombing: Three NATO service members were killed by a suicide bomb in Kabul on Tuesday. The Taliban has said it is responsible for the attack. (via Los Angeles Times)

Bullied Boy Kills Himself: A 14-year-old shot and killed himself in Florida on Monday because of constant bullying and harassment, his mother said in a news conference. Lamar “Shaq” Hawkins III had stunted growth because of an illness and weighed less than 80 pounds. His mother, Shaniqua Hawkins, said he was teased constantly at school, and “the hopelessness was overwhelming.” (via Reuters)

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