19 Signs You’re a Foodie Fanatic

There’s nothing wrong with standing up for real food.

(Illustration: CSA Images/Getty; Lauren Wade)

Sep 12, 2014· 1 MIN READ
Kristina Bravo is Assistant Editor at TakePart.

The eating habits of Americans are changing. Kids no longer cry for Happy Meals, people who aren’t hippies are reaching for Kombucha instead of soft drinks, and organic grocery stores are popping up in the most unlikely places. Last month, McDonald’s saw its biggest slump in sales in 10 years. Other food industry giants, such as General Mills, are taking note.

Obesity rates are still soaring, and the government still needs to better regulate Big Ag, but there’s plenty to celebrate, thanks to a growing community of conscious food consumers. So really, there’s no shame in being particular about what you eat. Here we list 19 signs you’re a foodie fanatic.

1. You own all of Michael Pollan’s books.

2. You think Monsanto is pretty much the worst company in the world.

3. You have strong feelings about GMOs—and your friends (and some strangers) know it.

4. You obsessively check food labels, and you know which ones are bogus.

5. You roll your eyes at beef that’s not grass-fed.

6. You consult a phone app before eating seafood to check if it’s sustainable.

7. You jumped for joy when Ben & Jerry’s announced it was going GMO-free.

8. You have an excessive number of reusable bags on hand at all times.

9. You have a garden.

10. You spend a lot of time perusing restaurant menus and peppering waiters with questions.

11. Watching your friends gobble up junk food physically pains you.

12. You freak out when you oversleep and miss the farmers market.

13. You ask baristas where the coffee beans come from and whether they have hemp or quinoa milk.

14. You started drinking coconut water before everyone else did (and are now considering maple water).

15. You love Trader Joe’s.

16. You get irrationally angry about food mash-ups and wish you lived in simpler times.

17. You spend most of your money buying organic everything.

18. You Instagram every meal.

19. You’re considering naming your child Kale…or Quinoa.