Pop Quiz: Can You Identify America’s Most Scandalous Corporations?

Put your gripes about big business abuses to the test.

(Illustration by Brett Lamb and Lauren Wade)

Jul 21, 2014· 1 MIN READ
Isabel Weisz is an editorial intern for summer 2014. She is an environmental analysis & policy major at Pitzer College and is originally from Santa Cruz, Calif.

Enron. Lehman Brothers. There are certain names that some of us might automatically associate with some of the biggest corporate abuse headlines of our times, but could you pick out an imposter in a crowd of marauders?

A short quiz uses a twist on the icebreaker game Two Truths and a Lie to illustrate how large corporations have been abusing their power. It was created by Corporate Accountability International, a grassroots organization committed to challenging abuses.

The quiz, titled Two (Outrageous) Truths and a (Sadly Plausible) Lie, aims to shine a light on huge transnational corporations having too much power and not enough limits. It uses snappy pop culture quips referencing Netflix binge watching while reminding us that the shadiness of shows such as House of Cards is often based on real-life corporate-abuse scenarios.

The point is to raise and activate awareness about issues of bribery, blackmail, and perjury.

"Many people live their daily lives knowing things are wrong but not connecting dots between why, and who's responsible," said Jesse Bragg, the group's media director. "This quiz connects the dots."

It's also highly amusing.

Some corporations, such as GM Motors, with its safety recall of 8 million vehicles, are getting a lot of attention.

Plenty of others aren’t as well-known, but we should be aware of them, Bragg said.

Veolia and Suez (called United Water in the U.S.) are driving the commodification and privatization of water—a problematic move, considering water usually is, and should be, a public resource. That's just one example.

To learn more about the topic and which quiz item relates to a Sandra Bullock movie plot instead of a real-life scenario, take a whack at the test and share it with friends.