Big Win for Bees, but the Battle’s Far From Over

The White House announced a plan to create a federal strategy to save the dying pollinators.
(Photo: Tim E. White/Getty Images)
Jun 21, 2014· 1 MIN READ
Kristina Bravo is Assistant Editor at TakePart.

Good news for honeybees: President Barack Obama has finally proclaimed an initiative to tackle the alarming loss of pollinators in the United States.

The memorandum, issued yesterday as National Pollinator Week came to a close, promises to ramp up federal efforts to address the decline in the bee population via the establishment of a pollinator health task force. Members will move research forward and work to increase and improve bee habitats. The memo, however, doesn’t declare any immediate action regarding industrial ag methods that scientists say could be responsible for colony collapse disorder.

The announcement is “on the right track, but assessment and habitat building alone won’t save our pollinators,” said Larissa Walker of the Center for Food Safety in a press release. TakePart has teamed with the organization, along with the Pesticide Action Network North America and Beyond Pesticides, on a yearlong Save Our Bees campaign.

In her response to the president’s directives, Walker added,

We are not going to save our pollinators simply by tidying up the edges. We need to delve deep into the problem and root out key culprits, starting with pesticides. We look to the Obama administration for leadership that will have the lasting impact we need to keep our pollinator populations sustainable and healthy. We hope this announcement will be the catalyst for swift action.

The decimation of millions of hives in recent years still puzzles scientists, so a significant expansion of research would definitely help. With growing awareness and action and now support from the administration, let’s hope we’re able to move fast enough to save the vital pollinators before time runs out.