Chilling Video Shows Neo-Nazis Trying to Take Over a Tiny American Town

These brave farm country residents fought the dark doctrine of hatred.
Feb 5, 2014· 0 MIN READ
Shaya Tayefe Mohajer is TakePart's News Editor.

A dusty yellow schoolbus winds its way down a dirt road in Leith, N.D., in a new film trailer that unmasks a dark moment in the tiny town's history.

Though the registered "ghost town" has a population smaller than most sixth-grade classrooms—somewhere between 16 to 24 people live there—Leith's residents staged an epic fight against a crew of neo-Nazis who tried to take over the square-mile hamlet by moving in, en masse, late last year.

At town meetings and along country roads, gun-toting neo-Nazis raised flags bearing swastikas and shouted white power slogans.

White supremacist leader Craig Cobb called on fellow neo-Nazis to make Leith a refuge for like-minded bigots. A clip from the yet-to-be-completed film, the work of Brooklyn-based Michael Beach Nichols and Christopher Walker, shows the gray-bearded man saying he wants his clan—or, more correctly, klan—to take over the government in Leith.

Cobb has called for violence against Jewish people and destruction of the U.S. government, and he even wants to rename the town "Village of the Damned."

Per The Economist, Cobb's takeover of the town ultimately failed, though he still lives in Leith, stewing in a cauldron of hate, longing for the days of Jim Crow.

One resident, who dresses in a Western shirt and wrangles cattle for a living, makes it clear that the town is typically open to newcomers.

"If someone said they wanted to move here, we were grateful for it because we had new neighbors and just more people around," he told the camera.

Pity that not all neighbors are worth having.