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'The Foreign Aid Paradox' by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady

The  United States spends approximately $37 billion dollars a year on foreign aid - just under 1% of our federal budget. The Foreign Aid Paradox zeroes in on food aid to Haiti and how it affects American farming and shipping interests as well as Haiti’s own agricultural markets. The result: a surprising study in unintended consequences.

This Month: Justice

With the international community making measurable progress in addressing critical challenges such as hunger and extreme poverty, the quest for justice is being elevated as a concern in the developing world. So this month we will report on efforts among local people to fight corrupt officials and their enablers in wealthier countries, challenge the gender stereotypes that keep women from fulfilling their potential, and expand opportunities for children so the next generation can build on the gains so far attained. In essence, we’ll be continuing to show how, with the right tools and an understanding of how to implement and sustain change on the ground, individuals, organizations, and governments can make a difference. 

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