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This Month: Resilience

Even as life gets better for many of the world's poorest people, for more than a billion of us around the world, every morning presents a new struggle just to get by. Yet with every evening comes a new testament to the resilience of those living in extreme poverty, grappling with injustice, or coming up with innovative approaches to ever-shifting challenges. These are the stories TakePart World will be telling in November. We'll be hearing from women in the Sahel who resist pressure from their husbands to have ever more children, from engineers bolstering infrastructure that protects millions from bigger and more-frequent floods, from investigators documenting human rights abuses, and many others. Their stories are part of the ongoing series we and our partners at TakePart Live are producing about the dedicated people around the world working to implement and sustain change on the groundthe individuals, organizations, and officials who make a difference. 

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