Waterpocalypse Now: Branding a Global Disaster

Waterpocalypse Now: Branding a Global Disaster

The drought is an environmental and economic disaster that is vastly unreported and will have significant long-term consequences. So why is no one talking about water conservation? The fact is, some disasters become more resonant when they tug at the heartstrings of those not personally affected. We care more about oil spills when we see cute marine animals covered in oil. So how do we “sell” water?
We seize on the idea of creating our own character, as in MacGruff the Crime Dog or Smokey the Bear. Thus: “Parchy the Pooch.” Picture, if you will, a threadworn, mangy dog costume with a raspy, coughing and very thirsty dog/human voice.

Make Sure Everyone Has Access to Clean Water, Sign the Water Bill of Rights.

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