‘Vote for Me Until I Can’: Cute NYC Kids Sing Election Song

‘Vote for Me Until I Can’: Cute NYC Kids Sing Election Song

Five and six year olds in Manhattan let adults know, every vote counts.

With voting underway, kindergarteners in Manhattan are giving adults a final push to the polls in an adorable song they titled “Vote for Me.”

Being too young to vote, these children direct their lyrics at those who can. They sing, “Mommy, Daddy, take a stand. Vote for me until I can. Sister, brother, take my hand. Vote for me until I can. College students, woman or man, vote for me until I can.”

...take a stand. Vote for me until I can.

Although these children will not have the chance to vote until 2024 or 2028, they are being taught the election will influence their future.

Hopefully our action at the polls will provide them with an education they deserve.

Several Manhattan schools are doing a great job at getting kids involved in the election process. Last month Harlem Prep Charter fourth graders sang “Vote for Somebody,” a parody of the hit “Call Me Maybe.”

Make sure you get to the polls today and remember to vote for the kids.

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