TakePart TakesOn: Bike Commuting

TakePart staffer Bronwyn Beck makes a personal pedal appeal.

Here at TakePart, we try to inspire you, our readers, to get involved in the issues you care deeply about. And we want you to see that all of our staff cares, too. Just like you, we’re trying to do what we can to create positive change one step at a time. Or, in this case, one pedal at a time.

Today’s issue is biking, but not just any short jaunt around the block—I’m talking about pedaling all the way to work.

Despite living in Los Angeles, a city that loves—adores—its cars, I’ve been biking to work for four years.

In 2008, I packed up my life and moved to Japan for a year. Before I left, I sold my car. I rode my bike anywhere and everywhere in Japan, and when I eventually moved back to the States I simply decided to keep up my two-wheel lifestyle.

Biking is a great to way exercise and save money (have you seen today’s gas prices?). And in car-clogged cities like Los Angeles, you can save tons of time by not having to sit and wait in traffic.

Most importantly, it’s easy, fun, and something everyone can do. Taking even one day a month to bike to work is worth your time. Not only does a ride enhance your health, but a short, four-mile trip keeps 15 pounds of pollutant out of the air we breathe.

So give yourself a little exercise and a fresh perspective on your city—choose two wheels over four, and bike to work!

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