Staten Island Students Sing Sandy Hook School Song in an Emotional Tribute

The fourth- and fifth-grade chorus at PS22 show their support for the victims and survivors in Newtown, Conn.

Funeral by funeral, families, friends, and our entire country mourn the loss of the Sandy Hook shooting victims.

The unthinkable tragedy has rocked our nation to the core, and has deeply affected students from coast to coast. To honor the victims and show their support for the survivors, the PS22 Chorus in Staten Island opened their hearts and sang the Sandy Hook school song.

The choir teacher said that this "was without a doubt the most difficult song for me and the kids to have to teach and learn respectively (for reasons that need not be explained)."

"In the end," he said, "I believe it was important and cathartic for all of us to do this. We hope it brings hope and inspiration to those who need it at this difficult time, and serves as a remembrance to all those who tragically lost their lives last week."

In addition to singing, the students offered a few words of hope.

One little boy summed up how many of us feel. He pointed to his heart and said the Sandy Hook kids "stay right there, right there."

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