New Digs! New Clothes! New Friends! All Can Be Yours—In Prison! (Video)

New Digs! New Clothes! New Friends! All Can Be Yours—In Prison! (Video)

You may think that life behind bars is not for you, but America’s snitch-driven minimum sentencing policies think otherwise.

Let’s be transparent from the start. Participant Media, the parent company of TakePart, is a producing partner in Snitch, an action thriller starring Dwayne Johnson (The Rock to you wrestling aficionados) as an avenging father whose 18-year-old son is smacked with a 10-year mandatory-minimum prison sentence as a first-time drug offender who refuses to snitch for the DEA.

The video above—code named “Snitch | Lock It Down, America!”—delves into the real-life issues at the basis of the true events that inspired director Ric Roman Waugh’s narrative film.

Did you know that it is possible to both laugh and be shocked/appalled while watching the animated depiction of such deranged facts as the United States housing 4.6 percent of the global population and 25 percent of the world’s inmates?

Click the video, and find out what it means to give “substantial assistance to the government.”

Who, really, needs anything more?

Prefer not to? Okay, perhaps you’re destined to follow the clip’s closing advice: “Give your local prison a chance. We promise: You’ll never be the same.”

If you are intrigued to learn that 2.2 million U.S. residents are currently housed under correctional supervision (that’s equivalent to the entire population of North Carolina), then you are a prime candidate to dig a little deeper and find out much more about Snitch and America’s out of whack prison complex.

And watch for Snitch, in theaters February 22, 2013.



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