RUBBER SOUL: James Deen on Porn’s New Condom Law

RUBBER SOUL: James Deen on Porn’s New Condom Law

After a rash of AIDS and syphilis outbreaks, Los Angeles City Council has given final approval to a city ordinance requiring porn actors to wear condoms while performing.

Condoms are an important part of real life, but porn isn’t supposed to depict our real life, it’s supposed to depict our fantasies. Neither the viewer, nor the performers, nor the industry wanted this regulation to pass, and many are already threatening to move production outside of Los Angeles. Still, it’s for the good of the performers’ health and good for society to encourage condom use.  We wonder: does our urge to get off exactly the way we want outweigh the benefit of a safe porn industry?

Guests include adult film star James Deen, and former Adult performer Satine Phoenix.


Be safe, get tested!


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