Ron Dembo: We’re Using More Resources Than the World Can Support

Ron Dembo: We’re Using More Resources Than the World Can Support

Founder of Zerofootprint, a cleantech software and services company that makes environmental impact measurable, visible, and manageable so as to effect behavioral change, talks measuring climate change.

I think we’re an amazingly creative species and I think we’re essentially good. If we can tap into those two things, we can solve anything.

Be it comparing the energy consumption habits of schools in Toronto, or offering clients a forest restoration project, Ron Dembo and the clean tech software and services company he founded in 2005, Zerofootprint has one clearcut end goal: saving humanity from itself. And by that we’re talking about manmade climate change. “We look at the lack of measurement of in the environmental world,” says Dembo. He uses a hypothetical example about energy consumption to illustrate his point. “If I could show you with 3D glasses, two pieces of paper identical in all respects except when you put those glassed on, you see that one came from a virgin forest in Borneo and an orangutan was killed to get there or one from a happy forest in Canada that is well-managed and sustainable—which do you want?” The former Yale Professor genuinely believes that individuals can, and should, make a concerted effort to save the only planet we’ll ever call home. “Don’t try and copy what’s out there, try and do what’s not there,” says Dembo.

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