Congressman Jim McGovern Talks ‘A Place at the Table’ and #EndHungerNow (VIDEO)

Congressman Jim McGovern Talks ‘A Place at the Table’ and #EndHungerNow (VIDEO)

The Massachusetts lawmaker calls on his colleagues and President Obama to take action.

Representative Jim McGovern (D-Mass.), one of the most vocal advocates for hunger issues in national politics, took to the floor of Congress today to deliver a compelling message about a problem that afflicts one out of every six Americans. As he has noted previously,

We have the means to end hunger now, we have the food to end hunger now, we have the knowledge to end hunger now, we just haven’t mustered the political will to end hunger now. And we, members of Congress, should be ashamed, all of us should be ashamed that one person—let alone 50 million—goes hungry in America. 



McGovern compares the new documentary on hunger, A Place at the Table, which will be released by TakePart's parent company, Participant Media, on March 1, to the famous CBS News program, Hunger in America. Broadcast in 1968, the show sparked a national debate about hunger, and thanks to the work of President Richard Nixon, Senator George McGovern, Senator Bob Dole and others, hunger was nearly erradicated.

"I hope A Place at the Table is the catalyst that jumpstarts a new effort to end hunger now," says Rep. McGovern. 

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