Martin Luther King, Jr.: ‘Yes, I’m Black; I’m Proud of It’

Martin Luther King, Jr.: ‘Yes, I’m Black; I’m Proud of It’

Before he explained his dream, the Reverend had something to say about the definitions of black and white.

Even though the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s death was delivered by an assassin’s bullet, Dr. King tends to be pictured through the haze of the past 40 years as a leader of such great benevolence as to verge on passivity.

If you are willing to have that illusion shattered by a two-minute burst of impassioned outrage, watch the video.

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This clip of channeled rage is more than a reminder that the times in which Martin Luther King, Jr. lived and defied were an era of danger and violent resistance to progress. The message—a message for everyone—is that sometimes the appropriate reaction to institutional injustice is anger.

The example of Martin Luther King, Jr. is how he transformed that anger into a beautiful, powerful quest for a better world.

‘Yes I’m black; I’m proud of it. I’m black and beautiful.’

Martin Luther King, Jr. is celebrated on January 21. How have you turned anger into a force for good? Lead the transformation in the comments.

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