Joe Sampieri Goes Toe-to-Toe Against Human Trafficking

Joe Sampieri Goes Toe-to-Toe Against Human Trafficking

Thai boxer puts up the fight of his life.

A fighter is an individual who, by definition, is either determined or unyielding, a participant in combat, or someone who defends a person or cause.

For Joe Sampieri, all three definitions apply.

Employing bruising means to a brutal crime, the head instructor of the world-renowned Renzo Gracie Academy's Muy Thai boxing program organizes benefits to support the victims of human trafficking, currently the second largest criminal industry in the world. 

The proceeds from Sampieri's efforts, both peaceful and otherwise, are donated to a leader in the fight against sexual slavery, the Somaly Mam Foundation. The nonprofit's namesake and founder, Somaly Mam, escaped Cambodia after spending her young life in bondage. Driven by her experience as a child prostitute, Somaly returned to Southeast Asia to defend the millions of trafficked women and children around the globe.

While not everyone may be in the sort of shape to literally fight for a cause, anyone with an Internet connection can make a stand against human trafficking. 

You can start by checking out Somaly's website

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