Jake Eberts: Live Your Calling

Jake Eberts: Live Your Calling

Longtime film producer waxes philosophically on locating, and then latching onto, purpose and meaning in life.

I kept wondering when and where I was going to find my place in life.

“You have to follow what you know and what you feel and what you’re obsessed by,” says famed film producer Jake Eberts. By the mid 1970s, Eberts had bounced from one unrelated job to another: chemical engineer to diesel engine salesman to investment banker. “I kept on wondering when and where I was going to find my place in life, when I was going to wake up and feel like I was doing something useful,” says Eberts. That calling came in 1977 when he would change careers yet again and enter the movie business as a financier. By 1983, his company, Goldcrest Films, garnered 30 Oscar nominations and won 15, including a Best Picture for Ghandi. “When you meet these people who have these enormous successes doing strange things, they all have a similar pattern, this ability to really understand what they feel,” says Roberts. A recent labor of love, Oceans—an ode to the treasures of the sea—was filmed in more than 50 locales and took eight years to produce.

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