Sick of Twitter Trolls? These Teens Are Too

Jeremiah Anthony started @Westhighbros to boost his classmates' self-esteem.

It used to be that retreating to the solitude of your home or computer meant you were safe from school bullies. However, with social networks and smartphones, this is no longer the case. Nearly 30 percent of kids ages 8 to 17 report they've been cyberbullied, and over half of kids fear they will be as well. 

Twitter is a cyberbully's best friend. With 140 characters to say whatever you please about whomever you want, it's no wonder the social network has over 15,000 bully tweets a day

To stand against cyberbullying and boost his classmates' self-esteem, Jeremiah Anthony, a junior at West High in Iowa City, Iowa, started the Twitter account @westhighbros.

The Westhighbros after soccer. (Photo: Youtube)

Many people get cyberbullied on Twitter and Facebook because bullies seize on perceived personal imperfections—but no one is perfect, Anthony said in the video. "Showing the goodness in people is very integral to our account."

Here's an example of a compassionate tweet by @westhighbros.

"We try to have as sincere compliments as possible," Anthony said. "I think everyone likes a sincere compliment."



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