Endangered Baby Pandas Learn to Walk. You’re Welcome. (VIDEO)

Endangered Baby Pandas Learn to Walk. You’re Welcome. (VIDEO)

As manmade climate change continues to push pandas to the brink of extinction, the endangered Oreo cookie bears continue to push the Internet to the point of collapsing in on itself in a black hole of cuteness and awwwww.

Case in point: The above panda-monium that’s sure to break out over this video, of two four-month old pandas learning (and failing) to walk in at a reserve in China.

The panda population—which number around 1,600, including 300 in Chinese captivity—first saw its numbers dwindle because of poachers in the 1960s, but because of stricter laws and greater awareness, poachers don’t normally target the animals, though they do kill them accidentally while in the process of hunting others.

Courtesy of NBC's Rock Center




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