Daniel Lubetzky: Promoting Middle East Peace Through Shared Business

Daniel Lubetzky: Promoting Middle East Peace Through Shared Business

Peaceworks Inc. founder on how moderation can break down Middle East peace barriers.

These days, more than ever, we have a power to impact the world…if you don’t take action, if you don’t take part, others are going too.

“Resolving the conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbors is imperative to trying to prevent suffering from happening to others,” says Daniel Lubetzky, a self-defined “serial entrepreneur,” whose business ventures pursue both profit and peace. He is the founder of KIND Healthy Snacks, which grew from Peaceworks Inc. an innovative not-ONLY-for profit business aimed at cultivating joint ventures between neighboring citizens in conflict regions around the globe. “The overwhelming majority of Israelis and Palestinians are ordinary citizens, moderate people, who just want to move on with their lives…and have a better opportunity to build a better future for their children,” says Lubetzky. As part of Peacework Inc’s business model, the company donates five percent of all profits to empower the moderates in the Middle East who want a peaceful end to the war through a two-state solution.

TakePart travelled to the Skoll World Forum in Oxford, England, to pick the brains of the world’s biggest thinkers. These Innovators in Action are changing the face of the future with bold new ideas and profound enthusiasm. Motivated by personal experience and fueled by the hope that things can get better, these innovators—each of them true social entrepreneurs—are improving our world, one brilliant business idea at a time.

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