Clip of the Day: Condor With 10-Foot Wingspan Makes a Break for It at Hockey Game

A trainer loses control of the team mascot, who puts on quite a show before being recaptured.

The Bakersfield Condors of the East Coast Hockey League got off to a rough start in last Friday's game. 

Their mascot, Queen Victoria the condor, escaped her trainer, jerking and evading his grasp before he could get her to the anthem perch. After briefly collecting her, the trainer took quite a tumble on the ice, and Queen Victoria once again escaped.

The madness continued as the Condors' opponents, the Las Vegas Wranglers, tried and failed to capture the wandering bird.

After hopping away, Queen Victoria made her way toward the team bench, moving past the players and coaches on her way to the locker room.

But hopefully the escapade will draw attention to this gorgeous bird, which is threatened in the wild. According to BirdLife International, there are only 10,000 condors in the wild, where they are "highly vulnerable to human persecution, which persists in parts of its range owing to alleged attacks on livestock."

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