Clowns Clam Up Ku Klux Klan-Neo Nazi Rally (Video)

Clowns Clam Up Ku Klux Klan-Neo Nazi Rally (Video)

Women, minorities and goofy do-gooders make a laughing stock of National Socialist Movement masterminds.

One of the most baffling and frightening quirks of human thought is that the Ku Klux Klan and the American Neo Nazis are able to take themselves seriously, in their minds, and perhaps even in front of their pets.

This past Saturday afternoon, about 50 supporters of the National Socialist Movement (NSM)—identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a white supremacist hate group—agreed it would be a good idea to gather in front of Charlotte, North Carolina’s Old City Hall to demonstrate their imponderable case for white supremacy conduct an anti-immigration rally.

Costumed in multi-colored Klan robes and solid-black, swastika-bedecked skinhead drag, the white-power contingent was clearly dressed for menace.

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As the NSM’s amplified hate speeches began, an estimated 250 part-time clowns descended upon the demonstration, wearing rainbow wigs and bulbous rubber noses, blowing horns and whistles and rattling noisemakers and carrying signs that mocked the swastika-waving demonstrators as cartoon-quality buffoons.

Approximately 75 fully armed police officers were on-hand, prepared for ugly confrontations and equipped to restore order by any means appropriate and necessary, including mass internment.

Send in the clowns; send home the racist buffoons.

The arrest total at day’s end stood at zero clowns, from either side, in custody.

The immigration haters withstood the LOL barrage for two hours before retreating to a parking structure and driving off to some place where it makes sense for grown men to dress in tablecloths, hoist placards displaying the emblem of modern history’s most murderous and reviled regime and proclaim themselves some variety of superior race.

Don’t ever go there.

Truly, is there a more effective and humane weapon against hate speech than humor? If so, leave it in COMMENTS.

Thanks to Colorlines for the tip.

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