Clip of the Day: Why We Need Meat Without Drugs

Clip of the Day: Why We Need Meat Without Drugs

Bill Paxton narrates a new video on the dangers of antibiotics in meat from ‘Food, Inc.’ director Robert Kenner.

Are you one of the 86 percent of consumers who think meat raised without antibiotics should be available in your local supermarket? A national poll conducted by Consumer Reports, published today, found that most Americans want access to drug-free meats. This video, directed and produced by Food, Inc. director Robert Kenner, brings up some compelling points that just may sway the other 14 percent.

Though antibiotics can and have been a world-changing innovation in advancing human health, their use in livestock has become excessive and dangerous. Superbugs may sound like creatures from a sci-fi movie, but they are one of the harsh realities of today’s food industry.

This video kicks off a collaborative effort between Consumers Union and FixFood called Meat Without Drugs, which calls on supermarkets to only sell meat and poultry raised without antibiotics. Whole Foods has already made a commitment to antibiotic-free meats, and the campaign has selected Trader Joe’s as its first target to make the same commitment.

Click the action box below to sign the petition and encourage Trader Joe’s to make a commitment to Meat Without Drugs.

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