Clip of the Day: Sponsor a Uterus

Clip of the Day: Sponsor a Uterus

Parody commercial offers the uteri of irresponsible women up for adoption.

New stories from the War on Women seem to hit the news every day. Now, they’ve made their way into the YouTube comedy circuit. Kate Lambert wrote, produced, and acted in this clip that lampoons what seems to be the central issue in the War on Women: the right to choose.

The infamous photo from an all-male panel on birth control earlier this year put a memorable visual to the strange phenomenon of men making choices for women’s health. Legally, women have had the right to choose since Roe v. Wade in 1973. Why is it that almost 40 years later, a woman’s ability to make choices about her own body is still being questioned?

For many, the issue isn’t even about abortion, but instead about access to affordable contraception. Even The Gates Foundation has prioritized contraception as a global issue essential to ensuring the health of mothers and children worldwide. 

Though this video makes light of the situation, it begs an important question:

Would you trust a stranger to make decisions about your body?

(Via Feministing)

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