Clip of the Day: Special Needs Student Finishes Race With a Little Help From His Friends

Clip of the Day: Special Needs Student Finishes Race With a Little Help From His Friends

At an Ohio school’s field day celebration, students cheer a classmate with cerebral palsy on to the finish line.

This year, the film Bully shed new light on how serious the bullying crisis is among American youth. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped it. Just yesterday, we shared a story of a girl penalized for standing up to bullies on behalf of a special needs classmate. At a time when there is such cause for worry about how children are treating one another, a video like this gives hope.

So much of the bullying we see in schools today is based on who is “different.” For Matt W., the young man in this video, spastic cerebral palsy makes him visibly different from his classmates at Colonial Hills Elementary School. Rather than ridicule, his fellow students, and gym teacher, not only include him, but also support him to the very end of the race.

Matt’s mother, Anne, commented on the video to express her gratitude, “Thank you everyone for your kind words! Matt has the heart of an athlete. He had been looking forward to this run for a long time. His classmates cheering for him kept him going. Thank you to the kids and community of Colonial Hills, Worthington, Ohio! I am so honored and proud to be Matt's mom.”  

How do you think we can encourage more children to have attitudes like Matt’s classmates in this video?

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