Clip of the Day: Mister Rogers’ Wisdom in the Digital Neighborhood

Clip of the Day: Mister Rogers’ Wisdom in the Digital Neighborhood

PBS Digital Studios partners with remix artist John Boswell to put a fresh spin on Fred Rogers’ insights.

Did you grow up watching Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood? What was it about that man in a cardigan and sensible shoes that resonated with so many children? Compared to the production values of children’s television today, Mister Rogers’ may seem a little simple, but Fred Rogers’ kind-hearted nature and cultivation of curiosity certainly have had a lasting impact.

Remix artist John Boswell (a.k.a. melodysheep) joined with PBS on the first of a series of PBS legends remixes to pay tribute to the wisdom of Fred Rogers. The simple but magical power of connection Rogers started when the show first aired in 1968 still shines through when mixed with modern technology over 40 years later.

Watching this video, especially at the end of a workweek, is a welcome journey to a time and place when your imagination made the world limitless. So, take a three-minute break today, put on your headphones, and let yourself get lost in the “garden of your mind.”

Do you think any current television shows are doing anything innovative to encourage children’s imaginations?

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