Clip of the Day: Love, Loss, and Gay Marriage

Clip of the Day: Love, Loss, and Gay Marriage

What happens to an unmarried gay couple when one partner dies? Shane Bitney Crone shares his story.

This week, gay rights and gay marriage have been in the news every day. On Tuesday, North Carolina voted to ban any union not between a man and a woman. Wednesday, President Barack Obama voiced his support for same-sex marriage. Today, Mitt Romney was accused of anti-gay bullying in high school. Monday’s milestone was a more personal one: it was the one-year anniversary of the death of Tom Bridegroom, partner of Shane Bitney Crone.

As Shane shares in this video, he and Tom had been together for six years at the time of his death. They shared a home, a dog, and even a business. However, since they were not married, Tom’s death took on another layer of tragedy for Shane. He didn’t have the right to bury his partner or even know all the circumstances of his death.

Sadly, Shane is far from the first LGBT individual to deal with the loss of a partner or the legal challenges that come with it. Through the sharing of his story and Facebook page, Equal Love, Equal Rights, Shane aims to not only campaign for equal marriage, but also connect unmarried couples to the legal resources they need to protect themselves. 

Do personal stories like this help you connect more with issues? Where do you stand on gay marriage?

A Boston native, Amy has worked in the film industry's social media space since 2008. As TakePart's Digital Community Coordinator, she combines her passion for social good with her knack for connecting ideas and people. Email Amy|@amyeicher

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