Clip of the Day: Lip-Sync Inspiration from Seattle Children’s Hospital

Clip of the Day: Lip-Sync Inspiration from Seattle Children’s Hospital

Young patients draw encouragement From Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger.’

For kids with cancer and blood disorders, daily life can be quite different than the average child’s. While other kids are in school or out playing, hematology and oncology patients are stuck in hospital beds.

Despite their situations, the patients of Seattle Children’s Hospital’s hem/oncology floor haven’t lost their ability to have fun. As moving as watching these kids lip-sync to Kelly Clarkson’s encouraging lyrics is, the most inspirational part of this video might actually be behind the scenes.

In the making-of video, we get to see the director, Chris Rumble, in action. Chris manages his crew of Seattle University film students while helping the young patients feel comfortable, encouraged, and excited. But directing wasn’t his only role in the video—he is a cancer patient at the hospital, and you can spot him as the young man in the orange shirt enthusiastically joining in the lip-syncing fun.

What songs inspire you when times are tough?

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