Clip of the Day: Jodie Foster and Matt Damon's Mother's Day Wish for Water

Clip of the Day: Jodie Foster and Matt Damon's Mother's Day Wish for Water partners with celebrity advocates to honor moms worldwide.

If you’ve ever thought about water and Mother’s Day, it was most likely in the context of remembering to order a vase with a gift of flowers. This Mother’s Day however, wants you to remember the mothers around the world struggling to provide clean water for their families.

Jodie Foster and Matt Damon have lent their voices to the “Honor Your Mother, Honor Another” campaign to raise awareness for the nearly one billion people worldwide without access to clean water. Mothers are the leaders in providing clean water for their families, but 4,000 will lose a child on Mother’s Day this year.

So, if you’re still looking for a gift for mom this year, why not give a gift that gives back? For $25, you can give the gift of clean water in honor of your mom and join people like Matt Damon in sharing with the world how awesome she is.

Here is Damon’s Mother’s Day wish for his mom, educator Nancy Carlsson-Paige:

Happy Mother’s Day! Your love, support, and commitment to making the world a better place has shaped the person I am and the women my girls will become. You and mothers everywhere inspire me to work to end the global water crisis.

What will you do to honor your mom for Mother’s Day?

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