Clip of the Day: Human Barbie Kicked Off ‘Anderson’

Clip of the Day: Human Barbie Kicked Off ‘Anderson’

Anderson Cooper boots plastic surgery mom Sarah Burge off his talk show.

As a journalist, anchor, and host with years of experience, Anderson Cooper has no doubt met his share of unpleasant people. However, when Guinness World Records holder for most plastic surgery, “Human Barbie” Sarah Burge, appeared on his show yesterday, he’d had enough.

Burge was in the spotlight recently for giving her seven-year-old daughter the gift of vouchers for future plastic surgery. During their short interview, Anderson confronted Burge on that issue as well as the same daughter’s pole-dancing classes, another daughter’s Botox treatments, and whether or not Burge was doing all of this for publicity.

In a follow-up video, Anderson said he regretted both having her on in the first place and how things ended. He expressed concern over both the behaviors she encouraged in her daughters and the fact that she was contacting the media to discuss them. Though it may be counterintuitive to give her a media platform in order to discuss her self-promotional ways, do you think calling people out on this behavior in a public setting could be a catalyst to change?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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