Clip of the Day: Happy Birthday, YouTube

Clip of the Day: Happy Birthday, YouTube

YouTube celebrates seven years of cats, memes, and social change.

You might think of YouTube as a place for cat videos, cute British children, and rude commenters, but on its seventh birthday, YouTube reminds us that it is much more than that. Though some still question the effectiveness of Internet activism, YouTube serves as an invaluable tool in connecting people around the world.

As is highlighted in the video, people have been using YouTube for the past seven years to share their stories. While many videos make us laugh or make our jaws drop, others are moving and inspire action. And it’s not just kids with light sabers in their garages: politicians, royalty, activists, and even TakePart have uploaded videos.

Without YouTube, we wouldn’t be able to share our Clip of the Day! Here are some of our favorite recent clips from each of our content areas.

Environment: Painting Out Climate Change, One Roof at a Time

Food: SNL’s Take On Processed Food- Almost Pizza

Health: Lip-Sync Inspiration from Seattle Children’s Hospital

Education: Teacher Raps His Way Through Chemistry Lessons

Social Justice: Love, Loss, and Gay Marriage

Animals: Man Swims With Adorably Dangerous Pet Polar Bear

What do you think is the most memorable YouTube video of all time? Comment below and share your favorites.

A Boston native, Amy has worked in the film industry's social media space since 2008. As TakePart's Digital Community Coordinator, she combines her passion for social good with her knack for connecting ideas and people. Email Amy|@amyeicher

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