Clip of the Day: 'Food, Inc.' Chicken Farmer Says No to Factories and Animal Cruelty

Carole Morison was once a contract farmer under Perdue Farms, a big player in chicken processing.

In 2008, Carole Morison, a Maryland chicken farmer, opened Americans’ eyes to the plight of chickens in factory farms.

Featured in the film Food, Inc.—which was produced by Participant Media, TakePart’s parent company—Morison was a farmer under contract with Perdue Farms at the time. She highlighted the ills of factory farming, including how thousands of chickens are crammed into confining cages and pumped full of antibiotics to stay alive.

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Rhode Island Reds roam freely on Carole Morison's land in Maryland. (Photo: FixFood)

Since then, Morison’s contract was terminated by Perdue and she has made a complete turnaround, now raising chickens in a healthy and sustainable way.

In this new clip, Food, Inc. director Robert Kenner spent some time with Morison, giving viewers a taste of her new life.

She and her husband give the chickens plenty of space to roam—“it’s just the way a normal chicken lives,” she says—and sell the eggs locally.

“Now consumers want different choices. They’re paying attention to where their food comes from. The demand for locally raised foods has grown tremendously,” Morison says in the video.

Interested in learning more? Visit Morison’s blog, “Food for Thought,” here.

Does it matter where your chicken meat comes from, or is it all the same to you? Let us know in the comments.

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