Clip of the Day: Carnival Man Gives Away a Quarter Million Stuffed Animals to Kids

This Detroit car salesman’s talent (and big heart) will make you smile.

Knocking over milk bottles, tossing balls, throwing rings on glass cola bottles: Peter Drakos has a talent for them all. A 64-year-old car salesman, Drakos knows carnival games better than arguably anyone else, having perfected techniques over decades of play.

He’s been playing the games since the age of nine, when he managed to win enough stuffed animals that year to dole them out to all 200 children at his school, reported CBS in this video.

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Car salesman Peter Drakos estimates he has won a quarter million stuffed animals over the years. (Photo: CBS)

Drakos estimated that he has given out at least 250,000 stuffed animals over his years of playing games at carnival fairgrounds and places like Las Vegas’ Circus Circus, where he once managed to fill an entire hotel room with the plush toys—to the point where he couldn’t even sleep on the bed.

"We couldn't walk around the animals. It was wall to wall animals," he said to CBS.

His talent seems to be innate, though Drakos has refined his game over the years, including using geometry and physics to improve his odds.

And of course he’s sharing the wealth, with his sweet contributions going to more than 50 different charities over the years.

"Sometimes it brings tears to your eyes because you know that they're really happy," Drakos said.

What’s the biggest contribution you’ve ever made to charity? Let us know in the comments.

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